Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Greater Columbus Arts a council grant

We are so excited about the grant that Leticia Vazquez-Smith President of the Latino Arts for humanity has been awarded  with  an “Artist in the Community Professional Development grant”
from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.  

She would like to express her gratitude to the Greater Columbus Arts Council for this opportunity.
Please stay tuned as She will be sharing with all of you her story about learning different paper maché/Cartoneria ‘s techniques  and decoration from big Cartoneros Artist!!!❤️ In Mexico City 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Day of the Dead Community Event 2018

At Green Lawn Cemetery and Park

Big Catrina Puppet 

Yessenia Figueroa

Children Educational, Cultural and Art activities

Free Fce Painting


Flautango local artist

Remember that all our activities are free thanks to our sponsors. get involve be an sponsor send us an email or call us!

Day of the Dead Community event 2018

Volunteers and Latino Arts for Humanity Members made the best of the day to offer a wonderful event!   The weather didn't stop us.

Robertha, Maria and Leticia
Happy moments a non profit organization serving the Latino Community

Our volunteers Robertha, Leticia and Yessica

Walking Poetry

Representing our children

Flautango with Rodolfo Vazquez member of Latino Arts for Humanity

Day of the dead Community event at Green Lawn Cemetery

We all enjoyed a great 2018 Day of the dead community event at our venue partner Green Lawn Cemetery a beautiful park 

Informative video about Day of the dead festivity

Exhibition by St Joseph's School

Children area to build paper skulls, flowers and skeletons

Traditional paper flower making

Angela Morales helping children to make Paper skeletons
Rosie over viewing children coloring skulls

Day of the Dead Community Event 2019

More than 2000 attendees enjoined Day of the dead community event 2018

Photo shot spot

Puppets and volunteers ready to go on Parade!

Beautiful Art Exhibition with local artist

Women Puppet 

Happy Bird Puppet 

Day of the Dead Community Event 2018

Thank you for an amazing Dia de los muertos!